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Physically Based Rendering (PBR)
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At SIGGRAPH, we are previewing the next generation of rendering: Physically Based Rendering also know as PBR. With PBR, models materials are more accurate and work great under all ligthing conditions. PBR will be available to everyone on Sketchfab later this year.

Special thanks to our friends from Allegorithmic, who provided all the data showcased here, and helped us refine our demo.

Next Generation Rendering

PBR is used by everyone in the industry. From high end rendering engines to AAA videogames, Physically Based Rendering powers the most stunning visual graphics.

Accurate and consistent

PBR is based on real life measurements. Material rendering is more accurate. Assets look good under all lighting conditions.

No plugins required

Sketchfab PBR engine works with WebGL, the standard for 3D rendering on the Web. No need to install plugins.

Want to learn more?
Meet us at SIGGRAPH 2014 (booth #544)